How To Become The Macgyver Of Potty Training In Just 3 Days…

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Potty training doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. There’s an easy way to educate and help your kid through the process without going crazy or traumatizing him/her. You just have to dedicate 3 full days to your child -you can start on Friday, finish on Sunday¹- and follow these 6 steps.

1. Your kid needs to understand what’s happening so, they need to say goodbye to diapers. Literally. So, first thing in the morning, when your kid wakes up, make them grab their diapers, throw them out and say “Good-bye diapers”.

2. Explain your child that there’s not going to be something around their tushies to catch anything, not anymore. Tshirt
So, make them use nothing more than a big t-shirt that covers their privates and let them go commando for those 3 days.

If they know that the diaper isn’t there to catch the pee or poo, they’ll understand that they need to get their butts to a potty.

3. Give your child an extra drink after breakfast. When they’re done, immediately take a trip to the bathroom. There’s a 99% change your kid will want to use the toilet after all of those liquids.
baby drinking juice
4. Constantly hydrate your kid. Always have a sippy cup at hand and walk your kid to the potty every 15 min if necessary.

5. Don’t give your kid any snacks or extra liquids after dinner.

6. Complete a final potty mission before going to sleep. Then, set an alarm clock and wake your kid up for a midnight potty trip.

Accidents will happen, but this is a natural part of the potty training process. Don’t punish your kid if an accident occurs, just clean the mess up and then encourage him/her to make it to the toilet next time. Repeat these 6 steps for 3 days straight and in the end ², you’ll see the wonderful results.


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