Double Potty Quest: Training Twins…

Potty-training can be a difficult task, especially if you’re a parent of twins. But, it’s not going to be as hard as it seems if you follow these simple steps to help you along the process:

● Everybody needs to be ready for this

You’ll notice that your kids are ready for potty training when they start developing bladder control.

This means, longer periods of time between diaper changes. Typically, girls are first ready to go than boys¹ and that’s OK, you just have to wait.

It is also important that YOU feel ready to start with the potty training process because your kid is going to need all of your love and patience to accomplish the potty goal.

● Prepare your kids for the idea of a toilet

Babies have no idea of what a big toilet is. So you can shop for a cute potty that captures your kids attention. Let them play with the potty and ask them if they wanna sit on it. If the answer is: no, that’s OK because curiosity will eventually win.

Also, you can start getting ready as early as 18 months. At that age, your child is learning through observation and imitation so if a child sees their twin using the potty then there’s a big chance that they’ll want to imitate them and do the same.

● Preparing the ground, step by step

You need to start making positive statements to your kids to make them know things such as: “You are ready to stop using diapers and start using the potty”. Include your child in the process.

You have to gradually introduce underpants to them by going shopping and letting them choose by themselves². Then, when they start using it, take a potty trip and remind them that they’re not wearing diapers anymore.

● The “just in case” phase

Accidents will happen, there’s no doubt about it. Don’t make a big deal out of them.
Pañales Your kids are still working on bladder control and this is going to take a while, so JUST IN CASE , you can use a diaper for nap time or during the night.

Eventually your kids will be ready for a full diaper-free night so double-sheet the bed and don’t give your kids any liquid before bedtime.

● The parent/teacher duality

While potty training, you can get a little bit frustrated because you are also in a learning process. You are learning new techniques to teach your kids. This is a new area for you, but don’t worry, everything is going to be OK.

You need to show your kids how to pull their pants down and even remind them of going to the potty. Fortunately, if one of your twins learns it before the other, that’s just going to make him/her wanna do the same thing and this is going to make things a lot easier for you.

● Beware of what you’re transmitting to your kids

You need to be gentle and patient with your kids and with yourself. You are learning and developing new skills with the kids and with your partner. A child needs to receive kindness and firmness from their parents during this process, so you have to work on balancing both of those assets with your husband/wife in order to accomplish the potty-training success.



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