10 Ways To Protect Precious Bacteria…

The human microbiome is basically a community of good microbes that live inside of us. You’re actually the living home of more than 100 trillion microorganisms that live in your mouth, gut, skin and other places in our bodies. These little bacterial friends have a lot of beneficial functions that go from digesting food to extracting very important vitamins and nutrients that we need to have an optimal health.

For example, microbes found in the large intestine help us to make vitamins that we can’t produce by our own, like vitamins B. Also, a lot of microbes produce molecules that protect us from fungi and bacteria, cure deadly infections, affect how the liver stores sugar and nutrients, and breakdown food that we can’t digest on our own.

Unfortunately, our precious bacteria is constantly affected by many things. The environment surrounding us, our diet and general lifestyle, antibiotics, refined sugar, starch and many others can affect the natural state of our microbiome.

The worse part is that everything that affects our microbiome, also affects the health of our gut because a sick microbiome is unable to properly nourish our gut.

The result of a poorly nourished gut can be devastating. One of the conditions that you can get from a sick gut is “leaky gut syndrome”. This happens when the tissue that covers your gut gets damaged as a result of irritation or inflammation. Another major situation that influences this disease is having an imbalanced amount of bacteria or yeast. This produces little holes in your gut and you really don’t want that².

That’s why we have listed 10 things you can do or avoid to protect your precious bacteria and maintain a healthy and happy stomach:

1. Drink filtered water

Get a water filter now! Some studies show that there are approximately 2100 contaminants found in tap water.

Among these contaminats you can even find some small amounts of poisonous chemicals.

Also, the clorination found in tap water can also destroy good bacteria that your stomach needs.

2. Don’t eat so much gluten

No gluten

Gluten irritates the gut. When this happens, the immune system tells your body to protect itself trough inflammation and you don’t want that!

Gluten is mainly found in wheat, but it’s also present in soy sauce, seitan, beer, grains, barley, among others.

3. Don’t consume excess sugar and starch

Starch In general, too much sugar and too much starch are bad for your overall health.

The reason why sugar and starch are particularly bad for our gut is because they produce an imbalance between the good and the bad bacteria.

This deeply affects how our microbiome works.

4. Don’t eat food with preservatives and artificial ingredients

Soda Preservatives and artificial ingredients are use to enhance the flavor,color and endurance of the foods we consume.

They contain trans fats and other industrial chemicals that are bad for our gut and we should try to avoid consuming them as much as we can.

5. Avoid meat, milk and eggs

This might sound like we’re trying to turn you into a vegan. We are not, but still let’s not forget the fact that the Word’s Health Organization finally admitted that consuming meat produces cancer³.
Meat Meat, milk and eggs contain tons of hormones and antibiotics and the animals are mostly feed on genetically modified soy or corn.

So, let’s say that these products aren’t quite the best for your micribiome’s health.


6. Don’t eat genetically modified food or GMO’s

GMO’s are genetically modified organisms. These organisms are modified using genetic engineering techniques. The controversy revolts around the fact that these products are filled with hardcore chemicals that can affect terribly the human body.

Also, the pesticides and also chemicals enhancers that are used to make food last longer, shine brighter and taste “better” are surrounded by risks that are not yet adequately identified and have potential long-term impact on human health (4). I have one word for you: MONSANTO.

7. This may sound crazy but: avoid antibiotics

Antibiotics The antibiotics that we consume when we’re feeling a little bit under the influence, kills both good and bad bacteria. You don’t want to murder your good bacteria don’t you?

Instead of using strong chemical antibiotics you can use some antimicrobial herbs (5).

8. Fermented food is good for you

Yogurt Fermented food such as yogurt contains natural good bacteria. It helps with the preservation of nutrients in food and it makes food more “digestible”.

It gives you important vitamins that you need such as: vitamins b and omega 3 fat acids!

9. Change your diet

Diet Subtle changes such as: eating the stalks out of broccolis or asparagus or increasing your tomatoes, onions, garlics and radishes consumption.

These changes will improve the health of your microbiome because they contain fiber that healthy bacteria feeds on.


10. You’re really going to like this one: Get some sleep

When you sleep well your entire body restores itself.

This is extremely beneficial for your gut since you’re not consuming food but clearing your stomach and giving your body a rest from digestion.


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John Hatch - Senior Nutritional Researcher

A passion for natural health.  John Hatch has spent the last 15 years dedicated to researching and writing on natural health topics. Fueling his passion is a wife and two beautiful boys that he wants to see grow up healthy, happy and in a clean world.