The Marvelous Cure For Cancer By Dr. Hristo Mermerski…

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases there is. Nobody is safe from it and the treatment that you receive when you’re a cancer patient is almost as bad as the disease itself. There are many alternative and natural ways to deal with cancer, but our society has been taught to believe that the only way to fight it is using hardcore chemicals.

Fortunately, some Doctors have dedicated themselves to the study of natural and scientific prooved ways to deal with horrible diseases like cancer. Trough changes in our lifestyle and diet, we can start fighting back the horrible diseases that hunt us.

One of these natural remedies is now being presented to the world in the form of a drink.

This medication is being promoted by a Russian Doctor named Hristo Mermerski. This Doctor developed a recipe that cures and prevents cancer AND also helps with weight loss. What makes this recipe so powerful is that it’s able to heal your whole body. The beverage contains all the essential vitamins, minerals, salts, proteins, bioactive substances carbohydrates and vegetable fats that your body needs to completely restore itself.

According to Prof. Mermersky, this mixture has the ability to clean your blood vessels and heal your heart. It also cleans your kidneys and liver and restores the immunity of your inmmune system. “It’s a food that treats the body in such a way, that the cancer will retreat by itself”, he says¹.

This mixture also helps cleaning the whole excretory system, and also the digestive system from the pathogenic microflora.

Other of the amazing benefits that the mixture has is that it improves brain functioning and memory. It also provides protection from heart attacks and completely heals people that have survived these conditions.
The beverage can also be beneficial in the treatment of inflamed joints.

It’s an excellent remedy against all types of cancer and on top of that it also regulates body weight!

All you need for the preparation of this miraculous mixture is:

● 12 bulbs of fresh garlic
● 15 fresh and healthy organic lemons
● 1 kg honey
● 400 grams of young corn
● 400 grams of fresh nuts

First of all, you need to prepare the corn by letting in rest for approximately 10-12 hours in a glass vessel filled with water. The next day you have to strain the water, wash the corn and then repeat. Leave the strained corn resting in a container for 24 hours and after that you’ll get a 1-2mm long germinated corn.

To continue with the preparation, grind the corn along with the nuts, cleaned garlic bulbs and 5 lemons with the skin (very important). Only use the juice of the remaining 10 lemons and then mix it with the mixture. You need to do this until the mixture starts looking homogeneous. Add the honey, mix it and put the mixture in a glass bottle in the fridge where you have to let it rest for 3 days. After that you can beging with the treatment.

You need to take this medicine 30 min before every single meal and right before bedtime. If you’re using it to treat cancer, you need to take it every 2 hours.



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